Current Openings

The Jim Hogg County Independent School District’s goal is to continually attract a pool of highly qualified teachers who operate with a sense of urgency and will do whatever it takes to ensure that their students succeed academically. 

Our district uses the Region 1 Service Center Online Service Application known as One *APP to post vacancies and to provide interested candidates the opportunity to complete an online district application. Our district also uses Region 2 Service Center job posting services to post vacancies only.

download1682Click here for the online application.

Candidates are able to complete the online application or paper based application at our central office located 210 W. Lucille St. Hebbronville, Texas. Contact our office with any job related questions (361) 527 – 3203.


JHCISD Openings

Job openings March 2018


Food Service Helper


Project Director

Site Coordinator

Family Engagement Specialist



Job Descriptions