Raquel Perez



The Technology Department is responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of the district’s computing systems, networks and data communications technologies, including hardware and software. The department also coordinates all facets of the district telephone system, cellular services, voice mail, and long distance service, E-Rate funding. It provides centralized help for technical support. All problems that require on-site support are entered into a ticketing system and assigned to the appropriate group for resolution. Once calls are entered into the system, they stay on an open call list until completed.


Our district is in the process of becoming a Google for Education district. We are currently switching email providers in order to become more efficient as a district from students to staff.


In order to effectively use the wide variety of ever-changing software, equipment and technology resources, it’s essential to provide training to district staff. By way of training we help our students and staff become more familiar with the latest technology available.

Required Posts:

download1682 Acceptable Use Policy

download1682 Jim Hogg Cty CIPA COMPLIANCE

download1682Jim Hogg Cty Update 90 ISP